Tosca, la verdadera historia

Tosca, la verdadera historia

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A bloody attempted kidnapping ends with the murder of an ambassador. These are real events that occur in the course of shooting a glamorous film. Tosca is the famous actress, Mario, her boyfriend, is the director of the film, Angela is a journalist object of the terrible jealousy of Tosca. All of them, without knowing it, are observed by the silent gaze of Scarpia, Chief of Police. Tosca’s jealousy allows Scarpia to lead the investigations with a double purpose: to dismantle a terrorist apparatus and to encircle the actress, absolutely innocent of the danger that lies in wait for her. A film within a film. The staging of the film becomes the staging of the policeman who deals with characters who are victims of their own weaknesses and miseries. In the end, faced with the vertigo of events, the roles are turned upside down. The spectator functions as a policeman, discovering the plot. Feelings are questioned. Darkness and passion sweep everything away. There is only tragic and cruel fate. Tosca and Scarpia are forced to see each other’s faces. Tosca, La Verdadera Historia is the second film produced under the «School Film» system by the Central University of Venezuela and Director Iván Feo.

Andrés Feo

Director: Iván Feo
Writers: William Betancourt, Iván Feo, Ricardo García, Mladen Horvat, Carlos Márquez y Paula Segovia
Stars: Marialejandra Martin, Eduardo Serrano, Miguel Ángel Suárez


ABV studio


August 16, 2018


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