Nena, saludáme al Diego

Nena, saludáme al Diego

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Isabel, content chief of Culture Channel, which is in crisis due to low ratings, trusts that Sofia, her favorite daughter, will save her career by being the new image of the Venezuelan youth. However, Sofia, who has just returned from Spain where she studied journalism, has her own plans: She declares that she has found her true identity abroad, claiming that she is really Argentinean and she plans to travel south in order to become repatriated. That is the beginning of this unique and funny family ‘war of independence’ which will be shown through mass media and put the love between mother and daughter to the test.

Director: Andrea Herrera Catalá
Writer: Julieta Messmer (as Valentina Martínez Añez)
Starring: Marialejandra Martin, Sofia Bertolotto, Ananda Troconis


ABV studio


August 15, 2018

Winning Awards

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